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Jackie Yockey
President & CEO
Jackie Mitchum Yockey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of VOICE OF HOPE - High Adventure Ministries. She stepped into this position when the ministry's founder, George Otis, retired. Since then she has established a radio studio that is sending the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Israel and around the world from Jerusalem. We are steadfast in our love for the land and for the people of Israel!
VOICE OF HOPE - High Adventure Ministries has also established the following three internet television channels. They are:
HATV-Holocaust Survivor Series
You can find these channels and the live stream of VOICE OF HOPE radio from Jerusalem at www.highadventure.org
Jackie has forged many dynamic partnerships in ministry. For example she paved the way to provide fixed tuned radios to people in cities and villages in countries such as Iraq, Haiti, Rwanda, Uganda, and Liberia. These radios are solar powered and provide three things. 
Each one is tuned to the local Christian radio station. 
Each one contains an audio Bible in the language of the area. 
Each one contains Christian music. 
All of this powered by the sun to proclaim the love of the Son.
When radio facilities or churches need to be built or when pastors need bicycles to get to church to minister in these areas, VOICE OF HOPE-High Adventure Ministries helps to make it happen.
All of this is accomplished because of the generous support of people who partner with VOICE OF HOPE - High Adventure Ministries.

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